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 Anime World Rules

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Mio Akiyama
Head Admin
Head Admin

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PostSubject: Anime World Rules   Sat Feb 06, 2010 8:32 am

These are the Rules of this forum and when becoming a member you are obligated to follow them. If you breach these rules you may be issued a warning or immediately banned depending on the severity of the rule broken.

(1.) Be respectful to other people.
(2.) Treat everybody fairly despite their Rase, Ethnic Group, Religious Beliefs and Sexual Orientation.
(3.) Do not SPAM or Troll other sites whilst representing our name in your username or profile.
(4.) Do not plagiarize (This means stealing OUR content and claiming it as yours.
(5.) Do not SPAM the forum or the chat.
times it may result in a temporary ban.
(6.) Do not advertise your site or another site. You can post links to sites providing you are not promoting them. If you are caught doing this twice it may result in a temporary ban, if you do it again you will be permanently banned.
(7.) Do not try to impersonate anyone especially MODS or Admins, if you are caught doing this it may result in an immediate ban.
(8.) Do not "Mini-Mod" if you see someone violating a rule then PM a MOD or Admin. Do not try and resolve the issue by yourself as you may create more problems.
(9.) Please speak in english, this is not for biased reasons it is purely that the majority of people on this forum speak english.
(10.) Be aware of other people, what might be funny for you may not be funny for them.
(11.) Do not double post unless it is necessary to revive the thread or unless you are updating artwork etc. There is an edit button and it is there for a reason.
(12.) Do not revive useless threads (Eg - Old welcome threads).
(13.) Do not ask to be a MOD or Admin, if we need one and think you deserve to be one then we will contact you.
(14.) Do not make your signature offensive or overly large. Maximum size for signatures are 400 x 200 Pixels.
(15.) Do not harshly criticize other peoples work (Eg - "You Suck" or "You call that drawing").
(16.) Do not create multiple accounts. If you fear your account is being hacked then change the password. You are however permitted to use multiple accounts on the "Chatango" chat-box but we discourage you using more than two as it can cause confusion between members.
(17.) Do not post off topic information unless it is in "General Lounge"
(18.) Have fun on the forum

Rules that are broken will suffer punishment.
3 Warnings:Week Ban
5 Warnings:Month Ban
10 Warnings:Permanent Ban
Also an admin can ban a person depending on the seriousness of the offence.

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Anime World Rules
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