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 D Gray-man Review

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PostD Gray-man Review

Storyline & Characters
The story starts in an imaginary timeline toward the end to the 19th century, D.Gray-man is a manga moving around a battle between exorcists and 'Akuma' (demons) created by the Millennium Earl. Using a thing called 'innocence,' exorcists fight against the Earl, his creations of Akuma minions and a prophecy saying the end of the world is would be created by him, A great flood that would fill the whole world.
Allen, abandoned at birth by his Real parents because of his strange hand, and adopted by a man named Mana Walker, who cared for him.Due to the death of Mana, Allen accepts the Earl's offer, who comes to him when he shows his feelings, noticing that he turned his father into an Akuma. Allen's left hand awakens and kills the mechanical skeleton trapping his father's soul, but not before being cursed by his father.
The Millennium Earl goes to those who catches his attention; using the advantage of the sadness that a person feels after a loved one dies, he will offer to bring them back to life. Agreeing, they will serve as the link to bring that soul back, reviving them to be an 'Akuma' (demon), which traps the soul of the dead one inside of the persons body.
Allen's left eye cursed by his father, gives him an ability to see into the souls of Akuma, even if they are disguised as human. His left arm actually carrying a shard of 'Innocence,' that,when it activates, transforms his hand into a weapon that allows him to exterminate the Akuma. After the awakening of his innocence, Allen is taken in by a priest named Cross Marian, who allows him to become one of God's 'black priests', an exorcist, to destroy the Akuma and their maker, the Millennium Earl.
By creating Akuma, the Millennium Earl aims to raise an army to destroy all 109 fragments of innocence.He carries the sword that defeated him in a battle 7000 years ago.
Becoming an exorcist under a dark religious organisation appointed by the Vatican, called the 'Black priesthood,' Allen sets off on a adventure against the Earl and his Akuma to retrieve the units of innocence, scattered by the last Noah's flood. To help him are other exorcists including Rinali Li (Linali Li in the anime), Kanda Yu and Rabi (Lavi in anime), as well as Komui Li, supervisor of the science division (also Rinali's older brother) and Bookman, keeper of history records.
Allen Walker is an average kid, I like him the most xD, hes my favorite character. I've noticed that people thought Allen Walker was a girl >.<. His Feminine look does not describe his brave, and awesome character descriptions
Rinali Li is most likely the next most interesting character in the manga & anime and the most likely candidate as Allen's love interest... Rinali is feminine, caring and loyal (and more notably powerful in the manga then the anime). She loves her somewhat irresponsible brother, also supervisor of the science division, Komui Li, and values her friendships, her one with Allen in particular.
I think those were the characters that seem the most likely to be the main charcters Razz.
Opening Themes:
INNOCENT SORROW - abingdon boys school

Closing Themes:
Pride Of Tomorrow - JUNE

LOlz my favorite song is when allen plays the piano to restore the ark, The 14th's song ^^~
The music is good xD.

Animation and presentation:
~ I think that the anime is alot better xD, i feel that the manga gives the storyline a bit of goodness to the story Razz, but i like to see action xD, i don't like to read it cuz i usually read all of the pages in the manga in like 10 minutes xD animes go through it slowly adding action and u hav nicer pictures to look at Razz, they hav color >.<...

Overall i believed that this anime is awesome!!! xD ( This is the one on the top of my favorites xD, my all-time favorite anime ^^)

(i wrote this few years ago...) 5/5
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D Gray-man Review :: Comments

Re: D Gray-man Review
Post on Sun Feb 07, 2010 7:07 am  Mio Akiyama
Nice review ill give you the job posting review
Re: D Gray-man Review
Post on Sun Feb 07, 2010 7:08 am  Maxxxx4
Hatsune Miku wrote:
Nice review ill give you the job posting review

then i'll have a lot of things to post o.o
Re: D Gray-man Review
Post on Sun Feb 07, 2010 7:10 am  Mio Akiyama
only once a week please so people we get chance to read them
Re: D Gray-man Review
Post on Sun Feb 07, 2010 7:12 am  Maxxxx4
Hatsune Miku wrote:
only once a week please so people we get chance to read them

oh, ok Razz, should i add images to make them more .... yeah... Very Happy
Re: D Gray-man Review
Post on Mon Feb 08, 2010 8:57 am  Mio Akiyama
yes di that please
Re: D Gray-man Review
Post on Mon Feb 08, 2010 1:22 pm  Maxxxx4
Hatsune Miku wrote:
yes di that please

you mean do* ? Razz
Re: D Gray-man Review
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D Gray-man Review

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