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 Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! Review

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PostKatekyoushi Hitman Reborn! Review

Intro: Alright I'll start off with this. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS ANIME. OR READ THE MANGA. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Well not to that extent but something very close. I have watched all the way to Episode 169 and right now I can say THIS IS THE BEST ANIME. Now for the actual review

Alright so the show goes off with this teenager called Sawada Tsunayoshi, instead of the usual "chosen one" or some other person with some sort of super power this character is the complete opposite from what you expect him to be. He is called "No Good Tsuna" He is not athletic, not good with girls, not good at making friends pretty much not good at anything. But he must become the 10th boss of one of the biggest mafia on the planet. A Kateikyoushi or Home Tutor comes to help him along the way. Although looking like a baby he is one of the most strongest and smartest people in the world. He is an Arcobaleno. Not gonna tell you what that is or it'll ruin it for you. He meets friends along the way who will help him in his adventure and through this he will venture on to even tougher goals. For the people that wants to know more and wants quick info about the first 40 or so episodes here it is. Read it at your own risk.

ACTUAL REVIEW: Now that's out of the way we'll move on to the actual review. Let's start with the storyline.

Storyline: I personally think this is a very indepth storyline which is very unique and interesting. The concepts of the anime is amazing and very creative. Something called a "Dying-Will" Bullet. What this bullet does is it makes the person do whatever they regret right before they get shot by the bullet. Later on there are even more unique things more weapons and etc click it if you can't wait to know

The storyline has TONS of twists and turns along the way. This anime is outright hilarious, for once I actually LIKE fillers. Every time I watch an episode I always laugh or smile a few times. Especially on the really funny ones I just burst out laughing. There are some very shocking twists along the way that you never see coming. The first 20 episodes are a bit of an introduction to the anime. Do not be let down by it if you don't like it. The action gets very intense and the story progresses much quicker and is an exciting adventure. It gets better and better and as you keep going you just can't stop watching or reading.

Music: Ok, a 5 star , well as long as you know the songs in this anime are awesome and the OST especially. All the openings are great to watch and the music fits into every scene perfectly, building up tension. There is nothing more to say other than that the music is just awesome in this anime.

Characters: ALRIGHT this has to be one of the best aspects in KHR. Each character is unique and different from any other character you may have ever seen. Tsuna is just no good and is just a great character to watch; funny too. Gokudera, what else can I say worshiper to Tsuna but mean to basically everyone else and calls Lambo stupid cow and Yamamoto baseball idiot haha. Lambo is a little guy that's 5 years old. Everything about him is great. He's annoying at times but he can also be hilarious and cute too. Yamamoto, a baseball idiot enough said. Ryohei, EXTREEEEMMMEEE haha you'll get it if you watched the anime. One of the trademark things about him and this show. He's very unique, unlike anything I've ever seen and is fun to watch. Can't tell you much more since they would be kinda spoilers but all the characters in this anime are great.

This anime is nice to watch. Nothing wrong with the faces or bodies 99% of the time and the quality really depends on the video you're watching. No problems here all very nicely animated and well drawn.

Bottom Line: Thank you for all the people who have actually read this far. All I can say is go and watch this anime. It's epic, hilarious, and sometimes very sad. GO NOW!!! OR YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DON'T WATCH IT. (jk Razz)
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Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! Review :: Comments

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Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! Review

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