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 Spring Anime 2010 Catalog

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PostSubject: Spring Anime 2010 Catalog   Sat Feb 13, 2010 1:08 pm

Welcome to Anime World's Spring 2010 Anime Catalog!

Spring sure is approaching, so I’ve already prepared this to help out everyone pick shows for their watch lists! With how miserable the Winter season is, I think Spring contains a rain of huge potentials. It’s time to watch loads of shows again lol.

Note: These are less informational, so you can post more on each as one topic.

i’ve because we divided the line-up into four cliques, categorized with its audience approach and overall primary look of each show~

>> The Action-Packed Clique – Starting off the line-up are some of the most-hyped (and maybe most ridiculous) action and suspense shows for Spring.

>> The Moe and Ecchi Club – Definitely a must-see page if you’re looking for moe-shows or ecchi ones.

>> The Team of Outcasts – It’s hard to fit them in on the other categories, so they’re here in its special page, where the weird and random gathers.

>> The Den of Bishies and Fangirling Browse shows here that has potential to be squealed over by everyone~(lol, someone thought of that and i used it for one of the cliques)

The Action-Packed Clique:

.: Black★Rock Shooter :.

>> Black★Rock Shooter tells of the narrator’s despair and hopelessness as they wander aimlessly, searching for something important to them that they presumably lost. Eventually the narrator gains new hope and decides to move on into the future with courage. The video for the song became massively popular, featuring Black★Rock Shooter herself traveling through a bleak city and countryside, riding a motorbike and wielding weapons. BRS is an original character design by Huke, and happens to resemble Miku.

A famous 3DPV by Anomaro-P gave Black★Rock Shooter a plotline and backstory, which involves her sister betraying her and turning evil and BRS being forced to kill her sister to stop the destruction. This plot eventually became the inspiration for the upcoming 2010 anime.



.: Angel Beats :.

>> In a world after death, angels fight for their fate and their future. Yuri, the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen, rebels against the god who destined her to have an unreasonable life. On the other hand, Tenshi, the chairperson of the student council for the world after death, battles against the SSS members. SSS members utilize armed weaponry to battle it out against the angels harnessing supernatural powers.

Animation Production: P.A. Works | 04-2010 | 13 episodes


Harumi Sakurai as Yuri
Hiroshi Kamiya as Otonashi
Kana Hanazawa as Tenshi
Eri Kitamura as Yui



.: Senko no Night Raid :.

>> This spy action anime is the second Anime no Chikara offering, succeeding Sora no Woto. The story is set in Shanghai in 1931, when the Imperial Japanese Army has been dispatched to mainland China due to the relatively recent First Sino-Japanese War, Russo-Japanese War, and World War I. In this cosmopolitan city of intrigue, there is a special military spy organization called “Sakurai Kikan” that has since been buried in history.

Animation Production: A-1 Pictures Inc.| 04-2010


Daisuke Namikawa as Kazura Iha
Hiroyuki Yoshino as Aoi Miyoshi
Takanori Hoshino as Natsume Kagiya
Yoshiko Ikuta as Yukina Sonogi



.: Iron Man :.

>> Japanese anime adaptation of the American superhero comic.

Animation Production: Madhouse| 04-2010 | 12 episodes



.: Heroman :.

>> The story centers on a boy named Joey who discovers a toy robot near the west coast of the United States. The toy becomes Heroman, a giant robot that Joey pilots against evil threats.

Animation Production: BONES | 04-2010
(my comment: >.< *spews soda* Pffffffffffffft.


The Moe and Ecchi Club:

.: Working! :.

>> Set in a family restaurant in Hokkaido, the northern prefecture of Japan, 16 year old high school student Takanashi Souta works part-time along with his strange co-workers: Taneshima Popura, a high school girl who’s a year older than Souta who’s easily mistaken for a elementary/middle schooler, and Shirafuji Kyoko, the 28-year old store manager who doesn’t bother to do any work at all.

Animation Production: A-1 Pictures Inc. | 04-2010


Jun Fukuyama as Sōta Takanashi
Kana Asumi as Popura Taneshima
Daisuke Ono as Jun Satou
Eri Kitamura as Yachiyo Todoroki
Hiroshi Kamiya as Hiroomi Souma
Kumiko Watanabe as Kyouko Shirafuji
Momoko Saito as Nazuna Taneshima
Ryoko Shiraishi as Kazue Taneshima
Saki Fujita as Mahiru Inami
Shizuka Itou as Kozue Taneshima
Yōko Hikasa as Izumi Taneshima



.: Ichiban Mishiro no Daimaou :.

>> The story of “love, magic, and battles” revolves around Akuto Sai, a boy who aims to become part of his country’s highest order of magicians and contribute to society as one of its clergy. On the day he is admitted into the Constan Magical Academy, his aptitude test predicts the following: “Future Occupation … Devil King.” Thus begins his severe school life in which he is resented by his studious female class head, desired by a girl with mysterious powers, and guarded by a beautiful female android.

Animation Production: Artland| 04-2010


Takashi Kondo as Akuto Sai
Aki Toyosaki as Kena Soga
Aoi Yūki as Korone
Chiaki Takahashi as Mitsuko Torii
Ryou Hirohashi as Lily Shiraishi
Shizuka Itou as Fujiko Etou
Tsubasa Yonaga as Hiroshi Miwa
Yōko Hikasa as Junko Hattori


.: B Gata H Kei :.

>> Yamada is a virgin high school student who dreams of having 100 casual sex partners. However, she ends up targeting and pursuing only one boy.

Animation Production: Hal Film Maker| 04-2010


Yukari Tamura
as Yamada
Asami Shimoda as Chika Yamada
Atsushi Abe as Takashi Kosuda
Kana Hanazawa as Mayu Miyano
Mamiko Noto as Kazuki Kosuda
Rumi Shishido as Erogamisama
Yu Kobayashi as Kyōka Kanejō
Yui Horie as Miharu Takeshita


.: K-ON! (Season 2) :.

>> Second season of moeblob music slice-of-life anime.

Animation Production: TrollAni | 04-2010


Aki Toyosaki
as Yui Hirasawa
Yōko Hikasa as Mio Akiyama
Satomi Satou as Ritsu Tainaka
Minako Kotobuki as Tsumugi Kotobuki
Ayana Taketatsu as Azusa Nakano
Madoka Yonezawa as Ui Hirasawa
Chika Fujitō as Nodoka Manabe
Asami Sanada as Sawako Yamanaka


.: Mayoi Neko Overrun! :.

>> Anime adaptation of shounen light novel series. The story revolves around Takumi Tsuzuki, a boy who lives with his older “sister” Otome, although the two have no blood ties between them. Otome manages a run-down confectionery store called Stray Cats. One day, Otome picks up a mysterious beautiful girl off the streets.

Animation Production: AIC | 04-2010


Nobuhiko Okamoto
as Takumi Tsuzuki
Ayana Taketatsu as Nozomi Kiriya
Hiroyuki Yoshino as Ieyasu Kikuchi
Junji Majima as Daigorō Kōya
Kanae Itō as Fumino Serizawa
Satomi Satou as Otome Tsuzuki
Yui Horie as Kanae Naruko
Yuka Iguchi as Chise Umenomori
Yukari Tamura as Kaho Chikumaen



.: Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor :.

>> Fourth season of this “bouncy” fighting ecchi anime.

Animation Production: | 04-2010

Seiyuu: TNK

Masumi Asano as Hakufu Sonsaku
Satoshi Hino as Kōkin Shūyu
Yuko Kaida as Shimei Ryomō
Hitomi Nabatame as Unchō Kan’u
Kei Shindou as Gentoku Ryūbi
Minori Chihara as Ekitoku Chōhi


The Team of Outcasts:

.: Arakawa Under The Bridge :.

>> The story is about the strange courtship of a successful executive in life called Kou and a mysterious woman called Nino who lives under a bridge. It all begins when Kou almost drowns in a river but is saved by Nino. For saving his life, Kou fulfills Nino’s desire to have a boyfriend. Thus, Kou becomes her boyfriend, but has to live with her under the bridge…

Animation Production: SHAFT | 04-2010


Hiroshi Kamiya as Kou “Riku” Ichinomiya
Maaya Sakamoto as Nino
Keiji Fujiwara as Village Chief
Takehito Koyasu as Sister
Tomokazu Sugita as Hoshi


.: Yojo Shinwa Taikei :.

>> The 2005 novel follows a nameless protagonist who is a third-year college student. The protagnoist looks back at the earlier years of his college life and his adventures with a particular circle (club).

Animation Production: Madhouse | 04-2010


.: RAINBOW – Nisha Rokubo no Shinchin – :.

>> The story of are seven teenagers in 1955, who have to learn to live together in the same hold in the reformatory of Shio. Confined in a hall where suffering and humiliation are daily, they are waiting for a ray of hope in a dark, incarcerating world. It follows their life together and how they move on afterwards.



.: House of Five Leaves :.

>> Masterless samurai Akitsu Masanosuke is a skilled and loyal swordsman, but his naïve, diffident nature has time and again caused him to be let go by the lords who have employed him. Hungry and desperate, he becomes a bodyguard for Yaichi, the charismatic leader of a gang called “Five Leaves.” Although disturbed by the gang’s sinister activities, Masa begins to suspect that Yaichi’s motivations are not what they seem. And despite his misgivings, the deeper he’s drawn into the world of the Five Leaves, the more he finds himself fascinated by these devious, mysterious outlaws.

Animation Production: Manglobe Inc. | 04-2010


Daisuke Namikawa as Masanosuke Akitsu
Fuyuka Oura as Otake
Masaya Takatsuka as Umezou
Takahiro Sakurai as Yaichi
Yuya Uchida as Matsuyoshi


.: Giant Killing :.

>> In “Giants Killing”… the world of football, once the fans turn on a team the end is near. Teams don’t recover. Coaches are fired, players are sold, and teams drop to smaller divisions where profits often prevent them from ever being successful against even mediocre top division programs. East Tokyo United, ETU, can only blame their coach right now. And Coach is ready to give up this next game to prove to his team and fans, that against the biggest club in the nation he can make this team when.

Animation Production: Studio DEEN | 04-2010 | 26 episodes


The Den of Bishies and Fangirling~:

.: Ookiku Furikabutte (Season 2) :.

>> The second season of the baseball anime…
Animation Production: A-1 Pictures Inc. | 04-2010


.: Hetalia Axis Powers (Season 3) :.

>> Third season of the populat franchise. Based on a popular web-released manga series by Hidekazu Himaruya, this has been described as a “cynical gag” story in the years between WW1 and WW2 (1915-1939), using exaggerated caricatures of the different nationalities as portrayed by a gaggle of bishounen.

Animation Production: Studio DEEN | 03-2010


.: Kaichou wa Maid-sama :.

>> A romantic comedy that centers on the student council head named Misaki Ayuzawa who despises the mostly male, slovenly population at her school, which was once an all-boys school. However, Misaki’s most handsome schoolmate just discovered her secret — that she works afterschool at a maid café.

Animation Production: J.C. Staff | 04-2010


Ayumi Fujimura
as Misaki Ayuzawa
Nobuhiko Okamoto as Takumi Usui
Aki Toyosaki as Satsuki-tenchō
Hiromi Igarashi as Aoi Hyōdō
Kana Asumi as Honoka
Kana Ueda as Subaru
Mariya Ise as Erika



.: Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan :.

>> The protagonist, Yukimura Chizuru is the daughter of a doctor who works in Edo. The father leaves Edo to work as a volunteer doctor and moves to Kyoto without his daughter. As time passes by, Chizuru starts worrying about losing contact with her father, so she decides to go to Kyoto in search of him. On the way, Chizuru is attacked by few criminals and witnesses a fight between an oni and the Shinsengumi. Taking her into custody and saving her, the Shinsengumi debate on what to do with Chizuru when they discover that she is the daughter of the doctor they are also looking for. So they decide to become Chizuru’s protectors and help her look for her father(the doctor). Lots of events happen while she stays with the Shingensumi, as they discover mysterious secrets and also fight against the Bakumatsu group. The story is overall romantic with a historical and political background.

Animation Production: Studio DEEN | 04-2010

Game OP:


.: Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitte Iru :.

>> Sakurai Yuki is a mysterious boy with a mysterious ability. He was found in the bushes as a baby and adopted by his current family. Because of this, Yuki strives for independence. The last thing he wants is to be a burden to anybody. Furthermore, when he touches others, he can feel their emotions. Unable to control his ability, he often made insensitive blunders in the past. With death threats and his abilities increasing, what will happen when a man claiming to be his older brother appears?

Animation Production: J.C. Staff | 04-2010


Souichiro Hoshi as Yuki Sakurai
Takahiro Sakurai as Luka Crosszeria
Akira Ishida as Kanata Wakamiya
Daisuke Ono as Hotsuma Renjou
Jun Fukuyama as Tsukumo Murasame
Ken Narita as Isuzu Fujiwara
Mamoru Miyano as Shusei Usui
Marina Inoue as Tōko Murasame
Shinichiro Miki as Tachibana Giō
Takehito Koyasu as Takashiro Giō
Yukana as Yuki


Here’s the chart, thanks to Chartfag!!!:

(Click Thumbnail for full size)

Studio Round-up:

A-1 Pictures (3 shows), DEEN (3 shows), JC Staff (2 shows, 1 OVA), Madhouse (2 shows), etc… *so far

Seiyuu Round-up:

Male: Hiroshi Kamiya (3 roles); Daisuke Namikawa (3 roles); Nobuhiko Okamoto, OnoD (2 roles), etc… *so far

Female: Aki Toyosaki (3 roles); Yoko Hikasa (3 roles); Yui Horie, Tamura Yukari, Kana Hanazawa (2 roles), etc… *so far

^ will be updated

Here are some notes, I’ll answer first before someone starts asking questions xD:

- Sources for sypnosis, photos, and more info goes to ANN, Wikipedia, MangaUpdates, MAL, and Youtube for the trailers..
- I did not include the kiddy shows, and some irrelevant sequels from irrelevant shows (To-Heart, Koihime, MAJOR) since I haven’t watched their earlier seasons anyway.
- The new Kuroshitsuji is on Summer (July) 2010.
- No Strike Witches 2 this season, no Sekirei either.
- No Starry Sky airdate announcement yet.
- OVA index would be added soon.
- Corrections are welcome.
- This is a live post that will be updated once in a while as new anime and some more infos are announced.

Wow, the Spring season sure is packed, probably I can say it can be better than last year’s, but it’s still to early to tell. All I can say is to hope that this season will bring everything back up on my anime enthusiasm. I’m checking out Angel Beats!, BRS, Night Raid, Iron Man, Working, Mayoi Neko, Arakawa, and Yojo Shinwa Taikei for sure, as it captured my pre-season interest already. I hope they’ll be good!

So which shows will you be checking out this season and why? I wanna hear!!!
(took a quite a few hours o.o)

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PostSubject: Re: Spring Anime 2010 Catalog   Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:04 pm

Angel Beats is Key, which means that it is a Tragedy. EVERYTHING FROM KEY IS A TRAGEDY (they did Kanon, Air and Clannad as well).

Lots of good anime to look forward to, hopefully all is good.

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PostSubject: Re: Spring Anime 2010 Catalog   Sun Feb 14, 2010 9:03 am

hellfiredragon9 wrote:
Angel Beats is Key, which means that it is a Tragedy. EVERYTHING FROM KEY IS A TRAGEDY (they did Kanon, Air and Clannad as well).

Lots of good anime to look forward to, hopefully all is good.
does that mean you like tragedies ? >.< lol, yea, can't wait for the others to come out/
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PostSubject: Re: Spring Anime 2010 Catalog   

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Spring Anime 2010 Catalog
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